Respite Care

A respite stay with Columbia may be just the break you, the person you care for and your family need

Carers need support and regular breaks to be able to continue in their important roles. At Columbia we also know the benefits for the care recipient by bringing new experiences, new conversations, and a change of scene.

Columbia can offer these opportunities through short-term residential stays for care recipients.

About Respite Care

Many people have a family member or friend who provides care to help them continue to live at home. Respite care offers a safe, home-like environment for older persons, giving carers a chance to recharge.

Residential respite care provides short-term care if the older person intends to return to home and the community.


Regular breaks from caring can help to relieve the stress and exhaustion that often comes with the role of caring. Respite care can be provided at the care level needed, depending on your requirements. It also provides the opportunity for us to get to know you and you to know us. If the need arises for full time care, then you have a familiar Columbia family to turn to.

Residential respite care can be used on a planned or emergency basis, for example if you are ill, or to help if your carer is absent for any reason.

Taking a break for the first time

We know change and the unfamiliar can be challenging. Sometimes the person you care for may be reluctant to agree or cooperate with your need for respite. They may feel angry or confused about your need for a break and be anxious about what it means for them. Over time, this will change and they will most likely look forward to the break as much as you do. 

Why Columbia?

We encourage freedom of choice and independence for residents in all areas of daily life. A residential aged care home should be as much like a resident’s home as possible. With that in mind, we respect the dignity of each and every resident.

Those with special needs are provided with specific care to ensure they are comfortable at all times. You receive the continuity of care through your own GP.

Columbia offers professional advice and assistance to meet the individual needs of residents through carer consultations.

Columbia’s innovative monitoring systems ensure that residents are safe at all times. We offer an amazing Wellness Program which focuses on wellness rather than frailty and illness. The program offers residents the chance to not only to improve fitness, but to socialise and enhance their general wellbeing.

Financial Considerations

The current cost of respite is set by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.

If you receive Australian Government subsidised respite care in an aged care home, you will be asked to pay a basic daily care fee, which is a flat fee. The maximum fee for all residential respite care is set at the pensioner rate of a basic daily care fee.

You may also be asked to pay a booking fee to assist in organising your care and to secure your respite place. The booking fee is a pre-payment of respite care fees and not an extra payment.

Is there any limit to respite care?

You may have 63 days of respite care in a financial year, with the possibility of an extension of 21 days at a time if necessary, if the ACAT team deems it appropriate.

How do I apply?

What do I need to bring?

Please bring adequate clothing, toiletries and medications for the duration of the stay, plus don’t forget anything you think may make the stay more comfortable or enjoyable! Our Care team will contact you to discuss medications prior to entry.